September News: Office Contacts, Pest Control, Maintenance, Extras

Here’s a recap from the September GGTA email….

Hello Members,

Over the summer The Gateway made a few changes to it’s management team replacing both, the Director of Property Management and the Operations Manager.

The Golden Gateway Tenants Association had the pleasure of speaking with them at the end of August. They provided us with answers to the biggest tenant’s concerns. Please see a summary below. We will certainly keep in contact with them and check regularly for updates on pest control, maintenance and safety.

Please remember to contact the office with any concerns or service requests. You can either
• call the Front Desk at (415) 434-2000 or
• call the Service Department at (415) 434-5707 or

• write an email to LaVerne Smith of the Service Department: screen-shot-2018-10-21-at-9-34-58-am


• file your service request online.

Wishing you a wonderful fall, or should I say San Francisco summer? Best,

Tatjana Eggert-Reich
Golden Gateway Tenants Association – President

Pest Control


  • There are two pest control companies on call, who visit twice a week, plus an extra company for rodents in apartments.
  • Tenants, please call office immediately when a problem occurs!
  • All pest control inspections and work are free of charge!

    Bed Bugs

  • The affected apartment has been heat treated and the problem has been solved.
  • Since bed bugs can be picked up easily (either in a hotel or even on a cab ride)tenants are asked to call the office immediately. A bed bug problem can’t be solved without pest control!



• Problems are “addressed immediately when an elevator acts out.”
• Please remember that extreme heat or the Blue Angels can trigger an elevator shut off.

General Cleanliness of basements

• They will talk to the new head of the janitor department to make sure maintenance is scheduled daily.


  • This is one of the biggest concerns, – tenants want working machines in good condition, and subfloor leaks have to be fixed.
  • They are aiming for a complete renovation of laundry rooms but promised to look into subfloor water leaks (VW & VS) as well as contract with washer/dryer company. Unfortunately nothing major is budgeted for this year.
  • Please keep on calling the office if you see water on the floor or broken machines.

    VS Hallways

    • Renovation is budgeted for 2018 so they hope it will be finished by end of this year. It’s an in-house job and the painters got called away for more urgent work on (too) many occasions.

    Sydney Walton Square Park

  • Part of the property is maintained by the Gateway, and part is maintained by an agent of the Commons.
  • The irrigation equipment has been repaired.
  • Tree trimming is ordered as well as the inspection of the leaning tree.
  • Ivy has been and will be pulled out because it’s too rodent friendly.
  • A different type of bark was ordered to stop water problems.
  • Lighting will be checked and bulbs replaced.



    • Eileen didn’t write an August newsletter because she adjusted to her new job. But they will continue the tradition. Tenants will be able to find it at the front desks and online.

    Beautification along Washington Street

    • They will look at the boxes on Washington St. between Battery & Davis Court and contact gardener to find out what can be planted & costs.

Doormen & LaVerne thank you-s

  • We told them that tenants are very happy with doormen and that any increase in hours or numbers would be appreciated. Their answer: Doormen work is unionized labor, hence there are unfortunately no more hours scheduled. At least not now.
  • We told them that LaVerne Smith of the service department is a Gateway treasure. Our feedback and thank you was much appreciated.