Anthony Carungay, Prop Manager Award – archived Feb 2022

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Anthony Carungay awarded Property Manager of the Year

Anthony Carungay, our Gateway General Manager, was nominated by Greystar and recently received the SAN FRANCISCO APARTMENT ASSOCIATION’S ANNUAL 2001 TROPHY AWARD FOR PROPERTY MANAGER OF THE YEAR. Competition for the trophy included other management companies with similar properties within San Francisco.

GTA has enjoyed a very productive relationship with Anthony and his team within our community since January 2020, and we hope to continue through 2022 and beyond! Please reach out when you see him around the property to extend your congratulations for a well-deserved honor!!

Why it’s great to live in the Bay Area – archived Feb 2022

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Why it’s great to live in the Bay Area

Clipart crab with googly eyes

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As the washers and dryers are essential in day-to-day general housekeeping and there have been historical issues surrounding machines not properly working, Gateway is now interacting closely with our vendor to ensure that all machines are maintained and repaired in a timely manner. Please note the following:

Every Tuesday and Thursday:

  1. Our janitorial team will fully inspect all four laundry rooms and report back to the Administrative Office of any units that appear out of order or have an out of order tag placed on them by a resident.
  2. Our Resident Services Coordinator will also pick up any work orders submitted from residents through the Gateway portal and close out the ticket in the system to avoid duplicate service orders.
  3. Once the above is completed, our Resident Services Coordinator will call in all needed repairs to the Vendor.
  4. Following this, the Coordinator or the janitorial team will assure a Gateway Repair tag is displayed on the appropriate machine(s).

If, for any reason, a machine accepts payment but does not perform, please immediately contact the Administrative Office at 415-434-2000 with the machine’s number. We will be happy to research the issue and, if deemed a refund is necessary, will provide you with a form to complete and sign. With your help, we will be able to better keep these facilities updated and organized for your use.