Remembering GTA Member Mardi Kildebeck

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Mardi Coyle Kildebeck
September 1945 – November 2019 
Mardi, originally from New Jersey, was a long-time resident of The Gateway and a generous supporter of progressive non-profit organizations. She directed the work of the Mary Wohlford Foundation, distributing over $1 Million a year to organizations focused on reproductive health, education, and social justice. On the local level, Mardi was a member and donor of the GTA, always showing her interest, ideas, and enthusiasm to better the Association’s effectiveness for her neighborhood.  Her sister, Georgie Evans, also a native of New Jersey, is an active member of GTA and will help us fondly remember Mardi’s humor and professionalism.


Gateway Updates – January 2020

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  • Trash Talk – We have invited Chris Levaggi from Recology to make a presentation about their program on recycling and composting that the Gateway employs. Recology is one of the most up-to-date waste management facilities in the U.S.; they are 100% employee owned and operate out of Pier 96, AKA Recycle Central. This is a wonderful opportunity to get the latest information on what can and cannot be recycled. The aim of the Recology program is to have zero waste. Let’s see what we can do to affect that. All residents are welcome to the GTA Annual Membership Meeting on February 1st, 2020 at 10am.
  • With our numerous requests last holiday season, Gateway Management listened: an extra person was provided to all front desk personnel to help expedite the overload of incoming holiday packages.  Thank you Gateway!
  • Due to the increasing number of online ordering and packages delivered on a daily basis, it is more important than ever to break down your large boxes and dispose of them in the appropriate area in your parking garage.   Your neighbors thank you for your assistance in keeping the building clear of hazards!
  • Composting – thanks for doing your part in creating new soil! Remember to always put the scraps in a paper bag – plastic bags are a no-no….they will not disintegrate.
  • What happens on Sunday, February 9, 10 am to 2 pm @ 405 Davis Court?  According to Gateway Management, the Goodwill truck will again be on our site.  Bring your items such as cameras and cell phones, computers and televisions, clothes, shoes, accessories, books, DVDs and other media, and small household appliances to the Goodwill truck where helpers will be on hand for you.
  • Neighborhood Emergency Response Team, or better known as NERT: with the recent earthquakes in Northern California, we are reminded of the need to be prepared for an emergency in our own neighborhood.  The San Francisco Fire Department  has several informational programs, so please visit their website –, to get a complete list of community programs available.

Neighborhood Happenings – January 2020

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  • 88 Broadway Family Building/735 Davis St Senior Building: Cahill  Construction continues at 88 Broadway (6 stories, 130 units for families), and 735 Davis (4 stories, 52 units for seniors) with expected completion in Q1 of 2021 and Q4 of 2020 respectively.  Foundation piles will be drilled instead of driven, which should limit construction noise.  Normal work hours are 7 am to 5 pm, Monday – Friday. Please note Cahill has a street space permit that is valid for 24/7 around the perimeter of the site to occupy the parking lane for the streets that border the site on Broadway, Front &  Vallejo, and Davis St.  This is required for staging materials, setting up equipment, delivery trucks, dumpster, etc.  Parking will not be available along these streets.  Address questions or concerns to
  • What to Expect During Construction in Your Neighborhood: Building construction can occur during the hours of 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM, seven days a week, including holidays. Special permits, such as Night Noise Permits, are required for construction work that occurs past 8pm. Visit SFDBI webpage on Night Noise Permits for more information – NOISE COMPLAINTS Any work done before or after these hours must not exceed the noise level of five decibels at the nearest lot line unless a special permit has been granted to allow this. Five decibels is similar to the sound of a screw gun installing screws in drywall. Construction related noise complaints may be directed to DBI Inspection Services at (415) 558-6570. Construction related noise complaints beyond the allowed hours should be directed to your local police station.
  • Seawall Project: In November 2018 SF voters passed a general obligation bond in the amount of $425,000,000 to begin restoring or replacing three miles of our Embarcadero Seawall, from Fisherman’s Wharf to Mission Creek.  Work is in the planning stages.  First repairs are expected to be complete by 2026.  The Port will host 45-minute seawall walking tours .  For detailed information, check the Port website at then click on “seawall”, then click on “Embarcadero Resilience”.