Meeting with Golden Gateway management

Dear Members of the Golden Gateway Tenants Association,

On April 17th, 2018, board members of the Golden Gate Tenants Association had a meeting with Clarisse Tan and John Morel. 

Clarisse Tan is the property manager of The Gateway. Many of you are familiar with her and have met her either at the office or at the Vista North, were she lives. 

John Morel is the new operations manager of The Gateway, who just started his job at the beginning of March. He lives in Vista West; he is a member on Nextdoor!

We had an extensive conversation about concerns that were identified at our member’s meeting on March 15th, 2018. Clarisse and John kindly listened to our long list and were able to provide us with a lot of answers regarding rodent infestation, maintenance, security, communication, and the beautification project of the Washington Street side of the building/garage. 

Here are some of the results:

Rodents Infestation: The Crane company will continue to monitor the property, especially Vista West from the garage level to the roof top. Look for the black boxes that have been put out in the last 3 weeks.

The mice issue on the middle floors in Vista West has been taken care of and seems contained at this point of time. In the process they checked many apartments on 3 of the floors and identified a few hoarders, who were given a two week notice to clean up before a second inspection. Both, Clarisse and John, are asking tenants to call immediately when you see a rodent.

Maintenance: John seems to have adjusted to his new job quickly and promised to follow up on maintenance issues immediately. 

  • Call box Vista West & Vista South: will be taken care of within the next few days. The call boxes will have one name per apartment, which might change at a later time. Please report to the office if your name is not in the call box or you have trouble opening the door with your telephone. 
  • Cleaning of hallways/trash rooms/laundry room: there is a schedule for cleaning. All hallways are vacuumed on Mondays. The trash rooms are checked on Mondays, on some floors 2 or 3 times a week. The water in the laundry room of Vista South has been addressed, John Morel will follow up on the water in front of a couple of machines in Vista West.
  • Washers/Dryers: The contract has to be renewed and they are waiting for the company to sign the papers and set a date for maintenance of all washers and dryers. (GGTA will follow up on this in due time if this continues to be an issue.)
  • Renovation of Hallways in Vista South: Floors 11 through 24 are done, new benches will be installed within the next 2 weeks; floor 10 is almost done; work on floors 3 through 9 will start shortly. (GGTA will monitor progress)


  • The lightbulbs in most of the nonworking lights on the plaza and the bridge have been replaced during the last week. Both Clarisse and John agree that sufficient lighting is important and ask tenants to please call the office if you notice a faulty light.
  • Our security staff has not been reduced. There are still 2 security guards 24/7 patrolling the grounds and buildings. The Gateway hires extra security on standby when there are events close by, – St. Patrick’s Day Please call the office immediately if you see people lingering or setting up camp.

Communication: Many of you liked the leaflet sent with the rent statement. This leaflet is still available. You can also find it at the front desk of your building.

Older newsletters are online, – on the website of The Gateway click the right tab “more info” and that “newsletter” ( We will ask Clarisse to update more frequently and post the current newsletter.

Beautification Idea: Bill Hannan introduced the idea of using the existing cutouts and planter boxes along Washington Street for new plants. Clarisse and John will follow up and investigate why those haven’t been used in the past and what could be planted in the future. 

We left a list of all your concerns with management, and will follow up in the next weeks and keep you updated. Meanwhile please don’t hesitate to call the office with any security or other concerns, maintenance or repair requests: (415) 434-2000. 

Best Regards, 

Tatjana Eggert-Reich 

GGTA – President

Tom Gilligan 

GGTA – First Vice President

Bill Hannan

GGTA – Second Vice President