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Welcome to the GTA

Are you a resident of the Gateway Apartments and Townhomes? The GTA is at your service!

  • We represent you and work hard behind-the-scenes on your behalf to protect the incredible quality of life we enjoy in this neighborhood. Please visit our About Us page to read more about our mission and latest accomplishments.
  • We help build community by organizing socials, contributing to causes and keeping you informed about what’s happening in the area.
  • We keep a keen eye on protecting rent control to ensure residents won’t be priced out of their homes.

It’s easy to join GTA or renew your membership on our Membership page. Thank you for your support!

What is the GTA?

The Gateway Tenants Association is a volunteer organization that informs its members and all Gateway tenants, and advances mutual interests including the preservation of rent control. We meet with Gateway management to discuss tenant concerns; keep track of neighborhood developments that affect our quality of life; and promote social events that allow residents to meet and share common interests. The GTA was founded in 1982 and has been a vocal advocate for the neighborhood and renters from day one. 
Please join us! The larger our membership, the more impact we can make on our corner of San Francisco. You can follow our activities here: 
This website: gatewaytenants.org 
Facebook: search for GTA Tenants
NextDoor: search for Gateway Tenants

We also provide current information to our members via e-mail.
GTA organizes a monthly no-host social usually on the Third Thursday at a local watering hole conveniently located to the complex. Come and meet your neighbors!

Don’t Miss the News!

Be sure to visit our Featured News page to read about upcoming socials, public meetings, the latest news about our neighborhood and more.

We also send news and updates via email on a regular basis. If you’re a member, you should receive no more than a couple a month. If you don’t see it in your inbox, please contact us. And if you’d like to stay updated on goings-on, please join us!

If you missed our 2021 Annual Membership Meeting click here to view to video.