Volunteer and/or Participate in Annual Egg Hunt April 8

All neighborhood children are warmly invited to participate in the annual neighborhood Egg Hunt at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, April 8 in Sydney G. Walton Square. 

Meet at the fountain shortly before 10:30 a.m. This is an opportunity to meet and socialize with neighbors and to build community spirit. The Egg Hunt is sponsored by the Barbary Coast Neighborhood Association. 

Please reply to Julia Bergman with the names and ages of your children if you would like to attend. Remember to bring your Easter baskets with you.

When you reply, please tell Julia if you can help with the egg stuffing on the evening of Tuesday, April 4. Eighteen dozen eggs need to be filled.

Also, on April 8, the day of the Egg Hunt, 6 to 8 volunteers are needed armed with gloves, paper towels and trash bags to inspect the park for trash, dog poop and other unpleasant items. Meet at the fountain at 9 a.m. The more people that can help, the quicker it will be done. This is an ideal way for neighbors to participate, especially those who don’t have small children.

Volunteers also are needed to bring coffee for the grown-ups, juice boxes, water, apple slices, baby carrots or other snacks. Also, organizers are seeking a volunteer photographer and someone to be the Easter Bunny.

Timeline on April 8

9 a.m.: Park cleanup

10:20 a.m.: 6-8 volunteers start scattering the eggs around the park, keeping eggs for 3-and-under in designated area (ideally volunteers who don’t have children participating in the egg hunt), plus 2-3 volunteers to hang around until 10:30 to guard the eggs from unwanted guests.

10:30 prompt: Egg Hunt starts

Afterwards: Please help to keep the park clean by gathering up any trash. Give any plastic eggs for reusing next year to Julia. 

Again, please email Julia Bergman if you can volunteer for any of these tasks, including the egg-stuffing party.