Thank You Fire Station 13!

On behalf of the Golden Gateway Tenants Association and all residents of the Gateway, the GGTA went to the Fire Station 13 today to thank them and all forces involved for their response to the fire in the Vista South building on Monday, October 22, 2018. 

The firefighters ran up many flights of stairs to extinguish a blaze that had flames shooting out of balconies. Their quick response and effective action saved us from what could have been a major disaster in a 25-story building.  The facts that no tenants were injured, and that an elderly couple was carried safely out of the building reflect great credit on the training, professionalism and courage of the San Francisco Fire Department.

We know that our own Station 13 firefighters were the first responders (like Jay & Joe pictured below), and that additional members of the SFFD joined them.  We are thankful for their tremendous work.

We also sent a letter to Chief Joanne Hayes-White and a few members of the board will go to the upcoming commission meeting to thank them publicly. img_6354