Sue Bierman Park Sculpture

A neighbor in the Gateway asked us recently why the artwork “Movement: The First 100 Years,” also known as the Korean Monument, had been removed from Sue Bierman Park. We contacted the SF Arts Commission, and this is their reply:
Thank you for your interest in our civic art collection. Please rest assured the sculpture is safe and sound We de-installed the artwork on May 2 and it has been moved to our conservator’s studio for restoration. Unfortunately, the sculpture has been vandalized repeatedly over the years, and it will take some time to repair and restore. The intent is to re-install the sculpture in a new location that has yet to be determined, but it will remain along the waterfront, hopefully in proximity to the Ferry Building (because of the historical significance). Our protocol is to have a new location identified before removing a sculpture, but the vandalism was becoming so severe we were at risk of losing the artwork, so we opted for emergency removal.

The intent is to have the sculpture relocated by May of 2021. Until then, I hope you will enjoy the many other public artworks in your new neighborhood!
Best, Rebekah Krell
Acting Director of Cultural Affairs
San Francisco Arts Commission