Please Help Us Keep Laundry Rooms Safe & Working

Using the wrong soap can flood the laundry room floor and cause a safety hazard. Photo: GGTA
Using the wrong soap can flood the laundry room floor and cause a safety hazard. Photo: GGTA

While the laundry rooms at the Gateway are a convenience that tenants appreciate, we all know they can be a source of frustration. Machines break, and worse: the drain lines back up and flood the floor, causing a safety hazard.

We recently contacted Gateway management and a manager with WASH Laundry to inform them of the frequent broken machines and flooded floors. A slip-and-fall can result in serious injury, particularly for our older residents.

We were pleased to find out that WASH Laundry and the Gateway are working on finalizing a contract to upgrade the machines. We were told this could possibly include reworking/redesigning the drains, which could alleviate some of the drain backups.

Also, WASH fixed clogged drains in the 440 Davis (Vista East) laundry room the last week in April. Clogged drains were reported in 405 Davis (Vista South), and they’ll coordinate a team and a plumber to clean the drains by the week’s end. The other buildings will be checked by the end of the week as well.

We also asked why machines that break stay out of service for so long. WASH replied it is common for a machine to be out of service for 5 to 10 working days because when bearings fail, it’s a major repair.

A big cause of flooding is due to residents’ insistence on putting dry soap in the machines. They require “High Energy” (HE) liquid soap only. It’s clearly marked on the front of containers. Also, if you use a housekeeping service, please check with them to ensure they’re using the right soap, or better yet, provide the soap for them.

With the amount of use and abuse the machines receive, it’s inevitable that some will fail and drains will clog. If you use a machine and your items aren’t wrung out or you experience other problems, please place a sign on it and call WASH promptly. WASH management has promised to bring a large number of red “out of order” tags to the Gateway by the week’s end.

Most of us enjoy the amenity of an on-site laundry room, so let’s please all be considerate when using the machines and work together to make sure they’re operational and that the room is safe to use. Here’s a quick recap of considerations when using the laundry rooms:

  • Only use liquid soap with “HE” on the label. Never use dry/powdered soap, as it clogs the machines and floods the floors, creating safety hazards.
  • Don’t use too much soap, as this also creates clogs and floods. About 1/4 cup is all you need.
  • Don’t overstuff the machines with items.
  • Be considerate of other tenants and remove items from machines promptly.
  • Clean the lint filters after use.
  • Never put items with rubber in the dryers; it disintegrates and causes a mess.
  • If you experience a machine that isn’t working properly, out an “out of order” sign on it immediately and call WASH Laundry promptly at 800-342-5932 or use this handy service request form on its website:
  • If you see puddles on the floor, please contact Gateway management immediately with a service request at 415-434-5707.
  • If you see puddles that are not mopped up in a timely manner, please take a photo and email it to GGTA with the building name, date and time of day.