As we all know, we are currently experiencing a highly unusual set of events, one that brings most of us closer to home and isolates us from our typical activities.  Although the majority of residents are capable of getting to the store, etc., there are some whose health has been compromised by pre-existing conditions.  They may feel uncomfortable about exposing themselves to the virus by going to Safeway or Walgreens to pick up necessary food and drugs.

This is when we residents can reach out and make sure that our neighbors are okay.  Be a little more attuned to the people on your floor, and if they are house-bound, offer to do an errand for them as you go about your own.  It is all a part of creating a “caring community”.  We have all been inundated with coronavirus information. The best advice is, of course, to wash your hands, especially after touching public doors, elevator buttons, etc.

In the past, the Association has toyed with creating a “well-being network” – one that is aware of residents who might be immobile and need assistance during an emergency.  This situation may be the start of establishing such a network. If you are interested please contact our GTA Board member Babs Lowe at

Support local merchants as much as you can.  For instance, the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant has put together Wine Survival Packages for delivery, with free remote sommelier consulting. Look for continuing opportunities on the Gateway Nextdoor group.

Yours in maintaining a healthy and caring community,

Martin Hardee, President, and your GTA Board of Directors

For further information:
San Francisco Department of Public Health – Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

The GTA would like to share a link regarding the 30-day Moratorium (temporary ban) on Residential Evictions announced by Mayor London Breed on March 13:

Anyone unable to pay rent due to the financial impact of the COVID-19 crisis must notify their landlord, and must provide documentation within a week, and then will have 6 months to catch up. This information may prevent a neighbor from being evicted.

Please follow this link for more information:

If anyone has questions on the City’s health order or any legislation relating to it, please email District 3 Administrative Aide (and Gateway resident) Geri Koeppel at