Neighborhood Groups Oppose Extended Hours for Strip Clubs

Five neighborhood groups, including the Golden Gateway Tenants Association, recently sent a letter to the Planning Department asking it to deny permission for two strip clubs on Broadway to stay open until 4 a.m. instead of the current 2 a.m. closing time.

The owner of the establishments sought a conditional use authorization to extend the hours at the Penthouse Club on Wednesdays through Sundays and at Centerfolds daily. A hearing was scheduled in October 2016 and postponed to January 2017, and now has been postponed indefinitely, according to the Planning Department.

Regardless, the issue is of such concern to the surrounding neighborhoods that we felt the need to go on record in opposition. The GGTA was involved in discussions with the other neighborhood groups prior to crafting a letter to Planning, and the board voted unanimously to sign the letter. It is as follows:

December 20, 2016

Andrew Perry, Planner, NE Quadrant, Current Planning San Francisco Planning Department
1600 Mission Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94103

Re: Opposition to Conditional Use Authorizations for Extension of Hours at 391 and 412 Broadway

Dear Mr. Perry,

On behalf of the Barbary Coast Neighborhood Association (BCNA), the Golden Gateway Tenants Association (GGTA), the Telegraph Hill Dwellers (THD), the 455 Vallejo Street Home Owners Association (HOA), and the Chinatown Community Development Corporation, we are writing in opposition to the applications to extend the hours for Centerfolds (391 Broadway) and the Penthouse Club (412 Broadway) from 2:00 AM to 4:00 AM. As organizations representing residents of neighborhoods most affected by the traffic, noise and unruly behavior caused by nightlife on Broadway, we strenuously object to attempts to increase the hours of operation for these and other clubs in the area between Powell and Sansome streets.

The activity on Broadway has a substantial impact on the quality of life in our community. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, patrons of Broadway businesses have spilled into surrounding residential areas. As a result, many residents are fearful to walk in the area, especially late at night, and at times some have experienced intrusive and intimidating encounters.

The noise generated by intoxicated crowds, loud voices, foul language, car horns, music from open club doors, police bullhorns or sirens, and bottle recycling is relentless; quieting down only after 2:00 AM. For nearby residents unable to sleep until clubs close, extending club hours to 4:00 AM prevents adequate sleep for the next day’s work or to take children to school in the morning.

The Projects’ proponent’s argument that extending hours of operation to 4:00 AM will reduce the negative impacts to the neighborhood is simply unfounded. In fact, approving an extension of hours for these two clubs will set a precedent for others to follow, further intensifying impacts.

While we understand that we live in a vibrant, mixed-use community, we object to an extension in club hours that will worsen already negative impacts of Broadway night-time entertainment activities on our community. Those who frequent the clubs can go home after a night of work or partying. We are already home.

We ask you to balance the requests of club owners and their late night/early morning party patrons with the needs of the tenants and homeowners who share this part of the City. Please deny the proposed Conditional Use Authorizations for extension of the hours of operation for the clubs at 391 and 412 Broadway.

Diana Taylor, Vice President, Barbary Coast Neighborhood Association

Lisa Crikos, 455 Vallejo Street Home Owners Association

Bill Hannan, President, Golden Gateway Tenants Association

Stan Hayes, President Telegraph Hill Dwellers

Roy Chan, Community Planning Manager Chinatown Community Development Center

cc: Captain David Lazar, SFPD, Central Station, 766 Vallejo Street, San Francisco, CA 94133; District 3 Supervisor Aaron Peskin, City Hall