GGTA, SFPD, Gateway Continue Talks on Security Issues

On September 8, 2016, GGTA board member and security liaison Sue Rokaw convened a follow-up security meeting at the Gateway leasing office following the July 26 meeting. Present were SFPD Captain David Lazar, Clarisse Tan and Jose Angulo of Gateway management, Ironship Plaza resident Shai Malka, Sue Rokaw, fellow GGTA board member Geri Koeppel, and GGTA President Bill Hannan.

Captain Lazar announced he has obtained twice-daily patrols of a Department of Public Works truck to clean up tents or debris at five Central Station locations, including Sue Bierman Park and Davis & Washington streets. These patrols are now in effect at midnight and 7 a.m.

Residents commented that the homeless situation in our area seems improved except at Safeway, and except for one homeless woman who has been sitting on the Davis Street sidewalk near Washington for several years. It was mentioned that Safeway security guards (who had been criticized for not being active enough) are now too aggressive, resulting in fights, and it was suggested that Safeway keep its alcohol locked up. Captain Lazar explained the procedure for delivering individuals unable to care for themselves to San Francisco General Hospital, which often results in prompt release, and agreed to talk to the woman on Davis Street.

Captain Lazar agreed to meet with Safeway about improving its security, and mentioned that as a last resort Safeway might hire off-duty “10-B” SFPD officers. This costs $100 per hour for a minimum 4-hour shift. Because problems seem to happen early in the day, Safeway might consider hiring an SFPD officer for morning assignments.

As before, townhouse residents were encouraged to arrange package deliveries to 440 Davis Court, although packages might possibly be subject to theft there before the doorman arrives about 11:45 a.m.

SFPD has one patrol car permanently patrolling the Embarcadero, and is thinking about a permanent bicycle patrol.