Gateway Updates – August

  • Recycling:  With the increasing number of packages delivered on a daily basis, please break down your boxes and dispose of them in the appropriate area in your garage.  They should not be left on the floor of the garbage/recycling room.  Thank you for your assistance in keeping the building clear of hazards.
  • Upgrades: New carpets and lighting fixtures are being installed in the hallways in Vista North and Vista South.  Identification numbers have been placed on all the new washers and dryers.
  • Bedbugs:  Our recent problems seem to be under control; however, if you suspect that you might have bugs, please contact Gateway management directly and they will address it.
  • Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT): With the recent earthquake in the Bakersfield area, we are reminded of the need to be prepared for an emergency in our own neighborhood.  The San Francisco Fire Department  has several informational programs.  Please visit their website,, to get a complete list of community programs available. A special “Personal Readiness Workshop” will be given on September 18th in an office at Embarcadero 4 from 6-8 p.m.  To enroll and have your name on the security desk list, please register on the website under NERT.