Gateway May Get New Elevator Vendor

We got some good news from Gateway management this week: They’re re-evaluating the contract with the elevator vendor and hope to get a new vendor that will be more reliable.
As you all know, since the elevator controls were updated a few years ago, we’ve been plagued with intermittent yet ongoing outages. The plaza elevator was out of service for about three months this year, too, creating hardships for the mobility impaired and people using strollers.
Geri Koeppel, president of GGTA, sent an inquiry to Clarisse Tan, director of property management, asking if a new vendor was in the works, and got this reply:

“Yes, we were able to find a smaller company who were able to
provide us with a much better solution and was able to fix the issue faster than our regular vendor, KONE.
“We know how significant it is to have functioning elevators at all times. We are still in a contract with our current vendor but will be re-evaluating it and hoping to switch to a new vendor in the future.”
Thank you to management for their prompt reply and for acting on this.