Attend Community Watch Meeting Oct. 2

The Golden Gateway Tenants Association has been working with San Francisco SAFE on organizing a community watch in the complex and has scheduled its next public meeting.

All Gateway residents are invited to attend from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 2, in the meeting room of the Gateway rental offices. Enter the room through 430 Davis Court.

Mason Lee from SAFE will lead the meeting, and SFPD Central Station Capt. David Lazar will join and speak about public safety. Other topics include:

  • SAFE and the benefits of neighborhood watch organizing
  • Long term goals and how you can help
  • Safety concerns
  • Solutions and plans of action as a group
  • Developing a network of neighbors helping neighbors

GGTA board member Bob Demchick, who is spearheading the community watch efforts, said, “While management continues its efforts to maintain security, nothing is more effective than residents’ alertness to their surroundings and their willingness to report anything suspicious to the police or to security.

“The community watch concept does not require physical patrols.  There would be no schedules or assigned duties.  It’s just a matter of knowing ones neighbors and recognizing when something isn’t quite right.  The lesson here: When you see something, say something.”

SAFE is a community outreach arm of the SFPD, and Capt. Lazar will discuss the importance of civilian support.

“We can’t just say, ‘Let management do it’ or ‘That’s the police’s job,’” Demchick said. “We’re on site day in and day out and are the best source of personal and property security.”

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