SFPD Gives Details on Recent Crimes Reported at Gateway

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Social media network Nextdoor’s Gateway news feed has been abuzz lately with posts about crimes at the Gateway Apartments and Townhomes.

After hearing about the incidents, Golden Gateway Tenants Association President Bill Hannan sent an email to members reading, “There have been reports of several recent burglaries at the Gateway. Please always keep your apartment door locked.

“Also, there is a security lock at the base of your sliding glass door, which will allow you to lock that door in one of two positions, either open a few inches or completely closed.

“You may want to consider buying renters insurance.  If you have an existing auto insurance policy, your insurer may give you a discount if you add renters insurance.  Gateway management recommends Resident Shield at http://www.residentshield.com/ and (800) 566-1186. I do not know what relationship if any Gateway may have with that company.

“If you can avoid letting strangers into our buildings without risk to your own safety, please think about keeping strangers at bay.

Be careful in here.”

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Gateway Residents, SFPD Discuss Safety at Community Watch Meeting

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More than 30 Gateway residents showed up for a community watch meeting in a meeting room off of the administrative offices at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 3, to discuss how to contribute to building a safer community. It was organized by the Golden Gateway Tenants Association.

Mason Lee of San Francisco SAFE facilitated the meeting, in which he reiterated that a community watch has nothing to do with patrols. Instead, he said, “It’s all about creating that safety culture.”

And, he added, “Besides problem-solving, we want you to have fun as well.”

Lee urged people to be friendly with their neighbors and hold socials (the GGTA does hold a social for residents on the first Tuesday of each month at The Holding Company), and to look out for anything amiss.

He told residents to not let anyone “tailgate” into buildings, either on foot or into the garage by car, in order to maintain security.

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