Attend Community Watch Meeting Oct. 2

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The Golden Gateway Tenants Association has been working with San Francisco SAFE on organizing a community watch in the complex and has scheduled its next public meeting.

All Gateway residents are invited to attend from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 2, in the meeting room of the Gateway rental offices. Enter the room through 430 Davis Court.

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All New Leases at the Gateway are Smoke-Free

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The Gateway Apartments and Townhomes require all new tenants to sign a nonsmoking lease, according to Clarisse Tan, the Gateway’s director of property management.

“We’re trying to go completely smoke-free,” she said, but with 1,254 rent-stabilized units where people often stay put for decades, it might take a while.

Existing residents are grandfathered in and can smoke in their units as well as on balconies.

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UPDATE: Gateway Answers Questions on Water Bills

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(UPDATE: This letter from GGTA President Bill Hannan was sent to all GGTA members with email on Wednesday, Sept. 17 and is a follow-up to the letter below.)

Dear GGTA members in Vista West –

We have more information from Gateway management about the July 1 increase in water bills.  According to management, it raised water and sewer rates at different percentages for different buildings based of their different vacancy rates.  Management also advises that it pays 3% of the costs of common area water use, based on a review or audit.  it also confirms that the Bay Club is metered separately and pays SFPUC directly for the water it uses.

The bills we have received from tenants in Vista South and Vista East appear to show that tenants in Vista East received much steeper percentage increases in July than tenants in Vista South.  We have only one bill each from Vista West and Vista North, so we cannot draw any conclusions about those buildings.

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GGTA Seeking Answers on Water Rate Increases

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Gateway Apartments and Townhomes residents saw increases of roughly 20 to 40 percent in their Conservice water bills over the last couple of months, and the Golden Gateway Tenants Association is looking for answers as to why such hikes occurred and how they were calculated.

The water is provided by the SFPUC, which sets the rates and mails notices of increases to “account holders.” Gateway tenants did not receive advance notice of these increases, which happened at the same time that Conservice changed its account numbers.

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